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To be honest, the new No, Really website isn't complete but is close enough for it not to be worth us continuing the charade that we don't use it all the time and that this is still a viable arena for our constant dross.

Visit us instead, at unlixes.undn.co.uk. You won't be sorry for long.
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Slow Ain't Ready

The new No, Really website is nearly completed. By which we mean, our guys have nearly finished doing the preliminary coding. Which, when you consider that's like making a working model of a car out of plasticine, means we're some way from the end. In the meantime, however, while we're coding, we're pretty far out of the loop. We've not even been updating nwlx in this period (or, indeed, very much at all for some time). So, why not give us a hand by shouting the names of bands we've never heard of at us. Launch is currently set for middle of October - which is to say it was originally pencilled in for the beginning of August.

Also, in advance, since we've just seen it, we would like to apologise by how obvious it is we cheaped out of bothering to work on the design of the Autre section of this site. Who reads the "about" page anyway, eh?
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Span By All

Did you know, if you put speechmarks around words, Google will search for them, rather than just searching for words that are a bit like the word you searched for. Like, when you search for tomatoes it also gives you results for lettuce and cucumber because, hey, they're all used in salads.

However, well worth seeking out is Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music. A massive resource for HMV Dance, the type of organised noise a recent visitor to Unlixes Towers referred to as "without guitar, bass and drum and therefore not actually music". From house to glitch, trance to techno, gabba, hardcore, terrorcore, freeform, downbeat, illbient and a shitload more that even we haven't heard of - and we make genres up for breakfast.

Maybe each definition isn't individually comprehensive but, frankly, dance overlaps so much anyway that you just need to look at nu jazz, acid jazz and trip hop to figure out what's acutally happening, plus there are loads of samples. It also gives you an idea of the chain of events and the timeline for it all. Truly a brilliant, brilliant reference guide.

Unfortuantely, the discovery was soured slightly by a load of people commenting about the 'electronic' on display, like 'electronic' was a genre in the way 'metal' is. Do you hate the words 'blacks' and 'gays' being used as a sort of crap shorthand for black people and gay people - not specifically because it's offensive but because it just sounds wrong? Well, electronic sounds wrong to us in the same way. Except, IT'S CALLED DANCE. Fucking hell. Electronic is the gay term coined by Americans for the type of organised noise that didn't have guitars in (well, no, that was electronica, 'electronic' is a little worse). Over here, it was always dance. But, like "billion" it's been overtaken in useage by it's easier to understand transatlantic cousin. We feel ashamed to say that we've probably even used it since 'dance' seems to confuse too many people.

Dance. Even if you can't dance to it, it's still dance.

Twenty Well-Drilled Songs

Twenty Songs, 12 August 2007

Our eyes hurt and our limbs are tired but here we are bringing you some of our favourite tracks for the week that ended last week. Coloured somewhat by the enormity of going to Field Day and Justice et al putting in an incedinary display as well as, uh, this bit of video genius from YouTube and a bit of a lengthy search for The Missing Daft Punk Song (which turned out to just be the last track on Discovery - not so lost after all).

20 Medicine 8, Born On Mars
19 David E Sugar, Oi New York, This Is London
18 Virgin Souls, Next Meal
17 Justice, Let There Be Light
16 Klaxons, Golden Skans (Surkin Remix)
Still in the chart for it's catchy vocal and possibly the utter gaul of having a ten minute build up (or something), we still await the biggest track ever from Medicine 8 who quite plausibly have it in them. The latest from David E Sugar on the other hand takes him away from the direction we'd hope from him, being more straightfoward than his other blipriot-y stuff. Still good though. As is the luscious Next Meal from downtempo broken lounge set Virgin Souls, which drips from the stereo. You know who Justice are and you know how big they get, this is no exception and was a standout in their pretty damn good live show. Meanwhile, just because they're always on our charts somewhere, this week we've been singing golden skans go go, golden skans go go until our neighbours' ears bled. Mmm.

15 Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Let's Make Out (Alt Version)
14 Prinzhorn Dance School, Crackerjack Docker
13 Fields, If You Fail We All Fail
12 Underworld, Rez
11 MSTRKRFT, Paris
We like Does It Offend so it was nice to see that while a more song-y direction, this freebie mp3 didn't lose any of the sleaze or purile humous, although with a name like Let's Make Out I guess that would've been weird. Simiarly on track are Prinzhorn with the song that shares its name with their album apparently. More minimal indie blues art school drop out challenge, which, again, will either re-affirm detractors or bring smiles to the faces of supporters. We're the latter. An oldie next (well, in our sort of timeline), from Fields as remixed by one of our favourite artists of last week despite being about the only one we didn't see live. Still, if you can't love SebastiAn on any given day what can you do. Simiarly, a geniune oldie (in modern electronic music terms) from Underworld who were showing everyone how to do everything before any of it was even invented. Bleepy, dubby, bubbly joy that's as epic as it is enlightening. Which leaves us with good ol' MSTRKRFT, with their big room electro workout, one of the vocal-free standouts from The Looks.

10 Daft Punk, Digital Love
09 ddd, Wall To Wall
08 Blood Red Shoes, It's Getting Boring By The Sea
07 The Bird And The Bee, Again & Again
06 Pernice Brothers, Conscience Clean (I Went To Spain)
Speaking of MSTRKRFT, the band that taught them everything they know. Did You Know we only got our copy of Discovery a week or so ago, one of those Absolute Classics we never got 'round to actually owning. Which is a shame cuz we love Digital Love as a song cuz we're utter softies at heart. Except when it comes to filthy punk dirge, a la ddd, whose last single was pretty drainchord riot material, slurring into it's lit gasoline, just how we like it. Except when we like chipper pop punk grunge, like that of Blood Red Shoes and their every-song-is-a-standout ethos which has most recently given us It's Getting Boring, our new favourite. Like our last favourite. Funnily, we also quite like lovely lovely indie pop like that of American act The Bird And The Bee, who we weren't expecting to like but then, well, did. Much like Pernice Brothers who do a similar brand but who are even more middle-of-a-meadow awwww nice. Which is nice.

05 Max Waters, Cymbalon Remix (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Not, however, as nice as Simian Mobile Disco and their everything-we-touch-is-gold remix tactic, here employed on Max Waters who we've never heard of and his track Cymbalon which we don't know the original to. You could say it's possible SMD didn't actually do anything but then when you hear it, you know, it has the big men of bleepbeat written all over it. Slow, building, plodding but undeniably effective, this is a stunna.

04 Daft Punk, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
You all know it already so go and watch perhaps the best thing to happen to the world as some guy does all the lyrics to the song before your very eyes in a way that, surely, defies the laws of how cool it's possible for something to be. We here are, as you may be able to tell, very big fans. It's also a wicked track, obv.

03 Justice, Stress
Speaking of songs that are pretty damn big - as we always are - have you heard Stress recently? Go back to it. It's not dance-y or poppy like some off † but my word it's got some substance. Across the road from us someone was recently murdered so us and our dancing parter were watching forensics and police trawl in and out for about five days solid. Turns out, this is a perfect soundtrack. What better, then, than to hear it live at Field Day and in da club at Durrr all in the space of a few days. Little.

02 Björk, Innocence (Ghostigital Untouchable Innocence Still Amazes Fearless Remix)
Also played with the Simian Mobile Disco remix of this. The SMD remix has one bonus over this version in that it's even more faithful and so doesn't include the ropey rap that ruins about twenty seconds of the Ghostigital one in the middle. Other than that, though, muscling SMD off the top remix spot is no mean feat but is acheived thanks to going the other direction - both versions are prety faithful (a shame when the song has potential for real daring action) but where SMD smooth it out, this bad boy roughs it all up the way it wanted and leaves it broken, bruised but asking for more. Wrong.

01 Groove Armada, Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control) (Linus Loves Dub Remix)
Finally, and so, so right, is the Linus Loves remix of the awfully titled Song 4 Mutya. We've heard it a little and hate the original but my word, Kissy and this remix on the same package and you've got an instant hit in our books. The Linus Loves remix is all about dubby swirls and nonchalance and ends with our favourite musical bit of the week, a disgruntled Mutya telling us you're gone now i feel fine, seventeen months yeah i feel fine... Is that so, Mutya? Yet here you are...

Twenty Recent Songs

Twenty Songs, 5 August 2007

Bit of a hodge podge of songs this week as we ease ourselves back into some sort of routine. It's alright though, we're getting on top of it and next week's'll be better. In the meantime, console yourself with this list of twenty excellent songs albeit not necessarily our twenty favourite this week (we think we missed a couple out). Close enough, though. Yum.

20 Mr Oizo, Patrick 122
19 Jack Peachey, Companion
18 David E. Sugar, Oi Berlin, This Is London (Oi This Doesn't Sound Like Skream Remix)
17 Medicine 8, Born On Mars
16 Bloc Party, Hunting For Witches (Crystal Castles Remix)
Clicky stuff from yer man Oizo again and again he's here mostly cuz we can't get enough of that intro outro Hello business. Above him is Jack Peachey who sent us a CD and is a very genial person. This song was the best of the stuff on his EP being as it did the most above and beyond sing and songwrite. Yer man Skream, who we don't love, puts in an excellent turn on this Grecoroman release by David E. Sugar. The original could've been a bit more blipriot but Skream does good work. It's been with us a while but that middle section of Medicine 8's epic Born On Mars is still a killer so they get their due props here. Props. That's right. Finally, Bloc Party other good single from the recent album gets the Crystal Castles A Bit Of Electro treatment and a treat it is.

15 Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kiss Kiss
14 Alex Gopher, The Game (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
13 Dragonette, I Get Around (Van She Vocal)
12 MIT, Auf An Aus
11 Chromeo, Tenderoni (Sinden Remix)
We love Yeah Yeah Yeahs and, luckily, they're back on form after the dismal Show Your Bones album, with Kiss Kiss being a bit arty and a bit wirey and a bit more awkward all 'round. The whole Is Is EP is good, really. New to us remixers The Bloody Beetroots do good work on this Alex Gopher pop number which has vocals and everything. Bit rough for the clubs but then, we go to all the wrong clubs. Smoother, though, is Van She (yeah, I know)'s remix of Dragonette who are proving a very good band to remix. Tiny work from MIT but considering our main problem with them is their songs go on too long, a sub-minute track is a bonus and is possibly their best blitz of Germanic slut wave. Finally, Sinden drop the baile bomb on us as ever witht his reworking of Chromeo's tender, tender Tenderoni, cuts it up and leaves it, once more, all his own work. Top ten remixer of the year, definitely.

10 Bono Must Die, Trafalgar
09 Robyn, Konichiwa Bitches
08 Groove Armada, Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control) (Linus Loves Dub Remix)
07 Klaxons, The Night
06 Shady Bard, Bobby
Geldoff-girl favourite Bono Must Die here pay tribute to the band Trafalgar, apparently - we think it's a tongue in cheek skit about Pete Doherty but they have refused to comment - well, they haven't answered our e-mail. It's pretty good, though, definitely the song that made us pay the most attention to them so far. Unlike Robyn's Konichiwa Bitches which is a song that should make Everyone take notice, with it's big fat pop love. It does almost say cunt, though, so maybe the radio isn't ready. Elsewhere in the charts, Mutya, the one with the name off Sugababes is back on Groove Armada's tip with a shit pop song. Luckily for us Kissy and, here, Linus Love were on hand to whip it into shape and boy what a shape they whip up, woozy electronic pop genius. As per, a Klaxons single means a Klaxons appearance, although this is their covers month apparently and we get Pilooski favourite Frankie Valli's classic sounding pretty dark and eerie. But also lovely. Mm. Which gives us just enough time for a bit of folk in the form of Shady Bard's actually pretty good album and the standout song about a boy shooting down the moon and us all being to blame. Yep.

05 The Chemical Brothers, All Rights Reversed
Another Klaxons moment, with The Chems dropping a bit of psychadelic house on us for the three part harmony raping All Rights, where the K-lax wax lyrical about things that aren't quite as they seem. We were a bit disappointed cuz it isn't really that Klaxon-y, except for the harmonies and lyrics but the more we hear it the more we realise it has one other Klaxonite quality - it's irresistible.

04 Operator Please, Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sell Out's White Stallion Remix)
Oh look, it's Kissy Sell Out. You may have heard of him from these pages, you may have heard of him from The Rest Of The Internet or you could have pretty much no deep interest in music at all and not have heard of him. Well, if not, wise up and fly right cuz here he is making some sub-Noisettes garage rock affair sound damn well anthemic, full of air filters and break downs, that absolutely massive bleepbeat jumping off all sorts of massive Kissy builds and, damnit, fully full of filling. Fat.

03 D.I.M., Airbus Baby
On the subject of long bits of electro that seem to have their own sense of gravity, DIM's Airbus Baby and it's b-side Frogger are just superb pieces of vocal-free dance, somehow managing to have a quality that makes them fun and exciting without any sort of pop concessions. There are no real hooks or moments, it's just about the journey, the build and break and bob of it all. It is also pretty filthy which can't hurt.

02 Blood Red Shoes, It's Getting Boring By The Sea
Our favourites Blood Red Shoes are back again with this wicked piece of garage rock pop surf grunge art wave punk metal twee-dom. The twin vocals literally make us want to implode with glee and cause fits of almost girlish squeeling and fully reckless abandon and impromptu head tossing and arm waving on the bus. This song will get you sectioned but even your doctors will understand.

01 Dizzee Rascal, Sirens (Chase+Status Remix)
Big? Let's talk about big. Big is the biggest man in grime, one of the biggest movements in street music this millenium getting his big guns out for his big third album then getting some big fat piece of bass dropped on top it by some big man drum 'n' bass producers. Frankly we don't know D+B but Chase+Status make us want to serious bus' up the rave and catch licks. This is utterly essential and this song - maybe Dizzee himself - has never sounded so fearsome.

Thirty Smashing Songs

Twenty Songs, 29 July 2007

Having been away a while we thought we'd treat you to the The Thirty Biggest Songs Of The Last Two Months, before we get back to the more modest task of a weekly Twenty. To be honest it's almost all remixes and electro but hey, that's what's been floating out boat. Special mention to Kissy Sell Out who could've been on this list an extra four times, easily, all in the top ten, but we thought that was a bit unfair.

30 The Rakes, The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
29 Goose, Everybody (Instrumental Dub)
28 GoodBooks, Passchendaele
27 Mr Oizo, Transexual
26 Simian Mobile Disco, I Got This Down
A lot of what you see here is here on behalf of itself and something else. Above, Goose, GoodBooks and Simian Mobile Disco could have featured a lot more heavily, with these being perhaps the best examples of them over the last few months or, the best new examples. Indeed, Mr Oizo's Transexual, while the best of his recent songs isn't so much in our head all the time as it's introduction (Hello) is but it seemed childish to put that in. A rare appearance for The Rakes is due to this being perhaps their best song ever.

25 Remi Nicole, Fed Up (Kissy Sell Out's Rules Of Attraction Remix)
24 DJ Mehdi, I Am Somebody (Switch Remix)
23 Foals, Hummer
22 Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Beggin' (Pilooski Re-Edit)
21 The Teenagers, Homecoming
We don't now and may never like Remi Nicole particularly but when Kissy gets his hands on something, the kids know. This is no exception. Someone with more exceptions is Switch who we have had hits and misses from, this one, clearly, erring more on the side of major hit. Consistency, luckily is more a byword of Foals though Hummer remains the flagship of the re-recorded material. Speaking of which, Frankie Valli is the kids favourite again, thanks, perhaps, to a man called Pilooski, although, we're not sure exactly how much he's changed the songs he's re-edited, bless him. We have The Teenagers here for one reason and one reason alone - the filth. Yeah.

20 Interpol, All Fired Up
19 Good Shoes, Morden (Metronomy Remix)
18 The Go! Team, Bullet In The Heather
17 Roxy Music, Editions Of You (Phones Mix)
16 Pharoahe Monch, Body Baby (Count Of Monte Cristal And Sinden Remix)
With a new album out, Interpol are once again a choice affair, with All Fired Up an instant standout on a return to form album. We liked Good Shoes anyway but with the Metronomy treatment their album standout Morden is all the more irresistible. We were never so hooked on The Go! Team, despite loving their name, however with Bullet In The Heather we can finally pin our badges to them without reproach, with it being the song they always threatened to make. Poppy and dainty but ripped through with violence and bloodshed. Indeed, when it comes to irreproachability (if such a thing can be come to), Phones is now a man it's not possible to fault, with his remix of Roxy Music another absolute clattering stormer of a track. Finally, while Herve sometimes has his off moments (we don't actually like the sound of his basslines), in his Count of Monte Cristal guise and with Sinden by his side, bombs fall, explosions happen, word gets round.

15 Scissor Sisters, I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Erol Alkan's Carnival Of Light Rework)
14 Groove Armada, Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control) (Linus Loves Dub Remix)
13 D.I.M., Airbus Baby
12 Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal, Kudurolicious
11 Digitalism, Digitalism In Cairo
It was never the case that Erol Alkan's remixes meant a song completely unrelated to the original and yet with his remake of Scissor Sisters he takes a camp romp into a thing of elegance and beauty, we doff our caps. Simiarly, Linus Loves have managed to flick a switch somewhere in this Groove Armada radio dross and make something all the kids should love. We don't know D.I.M. but when it comes to anonymous instrumental electro, they've nailed it with a track we can listen to time after time without fail. Finally, once again, The Count and Sinden show why their top the game with these oldie but goodie from the re-pressed Beeper EP on which ever track, sans non, is a stormer.

10 Dragonette, Take It Like A Man (Kissy Sell Out's Horror Sequel)
09 M.I.A., Boyz
08 Blood Red Shoes, It's Getting Boring By The Sea
07 All Saints, Chick Fit (Kissy Sell Out's Bogus Journey)
06 The Fallout Trust, Before The Light Goes (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Hey look, it's that man Kissy again, twice, to make four for the period. Which is to say, four out of the potential dozens and dozens we could've given him. He's fully boss. His Dragonette remix is just amazing like hold your breath while his All Saints attack was two pronged - the Bogus Journey edging out the Excellent Adventure as it has no vocals and thus is more like a pure Kissy track than any kind of remix, not least single the vacuous original didn't really offer anything to it. A welcome return is seen to M.I.A. with Switch co-produced belter Boyz and Blood Red Shoes remind us that poppier doesn't mean poorer with our favourite single of their yet as they once again increase the sheen of their polish. No chart would be complete with a Simian Mobile Disco remix, even though they have calmed their production duties somewhat, recently. This one is amazing and our mouth literally drools every time we even think we're about to hear it. Stellar stuff.

05 Guns N' Bombs, Crossover Appeal
04 Feist, My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic Mix)
03 Lily Allen, LDN (Switch Remix)
02 Justice, D.A.N.C.E.
01 Neat People, Baby I'm Bored (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
Because this week's chart was even less ordered than usually we're just gonna belt though the top of it enough to say yes, Guns N' Bombs are bigger than the Beatles and their Crossover Appeal is a bit too dirty to cross over but that's everyone else's fault, not theirs. The genius that is sweet 'n' sour My Moon My Man remix by Boys Noize deserves it's own slot but we'll surfice to say that it makes something swoony and lovely into something a bit rougher without losing that delicacy. When we say Switch is a bit hit and miss, always remember, they, call, it, SWITCH! and the man is back. Right up there with his Futureheads remix is this absolute chaos emerald take on LDN, like a remix of the city itself, more than of the song. Utterly, utterly sublime. When it comes to Pop! you have two options, make it the way everyone else is or, take a dirty, black-tar production team and sweeten them up to within an inch of their lives until they release this Jackson 5 esque opus of kiddie-vocals and infectiousness. It's a virus of a song and we caught it. Which leaves us with The Best Kissy Sell Out Remix yet. Which, when you consider Kissy is the best remixer of the year and, considering the quality of remixes this year what an acolade that is, imagine how much we must love this remix to bestow that kind of praise on it. Unavailable anywhere else, we downloaded it from Soulseek so it shouldn't even be in the chart but hey, for one week only we've broken the rules.

Desperate Dan Writes

A message from the club DURRR, the one that sprung up to replace Trash. It's serious but also a little funny:

One of Dan [Deacon]'s stage props is a banana, which you (young lady in green dress) borrowed for a while [last night] and tucked into your dress strap. He hasn't seen the banana since, which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that it had an iPod shuffle glued to it that contains the music he needs to do his show! Of course, you probably didn't realize this, as bananas don't normally come with a tiny mp3 player attached, but if you still have the banana and iPod, especially the iPod bit, please could you get in touch with us at Durrr through myspace or The End on 02074199199 or 02074208512 so we can return it to him, as he has a show tomorrow and needs it back!

Heh. You heard the man. Get in touch. He wants his banana back.

Friendly MP3 Tout

The great thing about iTunes is that it makes out that ALL music, every individual song, is worth the same amount. Irrespective of length. A two minute piece of artschool blues minimalism by No, Really favourites Prinzhorn Dance School has the same value as the seven minutes of multifaceted electro-classical composition that is human of the year Kissy Sell Out's remix of Take It Like A Man by Dragonette. Seventy Nine Pence, size regardless, for you today madam, that's all.

A bit of classical that is good enough to be utterly universal? Some dumb garage rock like that Talk Taxis which we forgot while we were listening to it? The Simian Mobile Disco remix of Björk's Innocence that makes a really good song a little bit different but not that much? A complete cut up of a radio friendly hip pop track by previously much more edgy rapper Pharoahe Monch by fidget house dons Count Of Monte Cristal and Sinden? Baile as funk new MIA track Boyz as co-produced by Switch? Old school as you like Pilooski slight Re-Edit of The Night by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons? Dirty indie trash nu wave Trafalgar by celeb baiting Peaches Geldoff mates Bono Must Die? Sweet as all the lightness in the world new folk twitch album precursor Brick by the wonderful Tunng?

Seventy nine pence, we do you special offer, seventy nine pence each track. Bit less if you buy in bundle yes?

Not The Greatest

Now, we loved Data Panik as much as anyone. Perhaps as much as anyone fesibly could. However we do find it both endearing and a little.. quirky... to see that Manda Rin of Bis/Data Panik fame has a) only just discovered To My Boy and b) thinks they're very inspiring. We say quirky and it is but, also, a little worrying. Especially as To My Boy make pretty average bleep pop which doesn't do nearly enough to be inspiring.

Manda Rin DJs a lot, obviously due to her connection to a successful and cultish indie band. To know that someone who devotes their time to playing music has only just found out about a band who, 'on the scene' have been a pretty big presence for quite a while, is a bit strange and a bit of a shame, really.

We would say 'she should read this journal' except a) if she did now she'd probably sue and b) we never talk about To My Boy so it wouldn't have helped in that sense. Plus we hardly ever updated and are generally a bit water-thin content wise. However she should read a good website, blog or journal in this ilk.

You know what we mean.
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Could Be Worse

It exists. We've seen it, looked into it's bleak heart and known of its reality. A Yeah Yeah Yeahs tribute album, based on Fever To Tell and fucking horrible. Like. The planet it came from must be a cold, baron, lifeless place where shitfucking awful nu metal and adult rock bands jam in isolation from each other, talent and from any conception of the direction the rest of us are going. That is. Away from banality and the sort of sounds that put you in mind of old men stroking the hair of young girls a little too amorously for even the child's comfort.

We don't know these bands, admittedly, however that can only be a good thing when confronted with the likes of Talp's merciless version of Date With The Night or Curtis Suburban's soft lovin', medium rockin' version of Man. Mmm, right, Curtis Suburban's got a man, crazy for me, ohh yeah baby. And now, here's some Bachman Overdrive. You ain't seen nothing yet? You have now. Smoooth.

Good grief.